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I wish I had a fraction of your traditional art skills. Amazing stuff!

LiteralHat responds:

sir you do

you just gotta believe
in our lord


I love this style so much!!!

krumparrian responds:

thank u kindly!! =D

Really sick! I love your inking style, both the stylized and realistic versions in this piece.

itztomato responds:

I'm glad you like it, it means a lot thank you :)

This looks great!! Lilith is my fave. I especially love the lighting!

PunyFeeble responds:

Thank you for your kind words!

Robotnik is definitely Viscous and that's a very funny visual for me.

Squinko22 responds:

Haha, yeah that is a funny combo. Physically they're polar opposites

My favorite Kaiju

FelixBlobDev responds:

He is my favorite Kaiju as well tbh

This is really cool! I definitely like the retro look of it too! What did you do to achieve this look? Like a filter? I'd love to know your process!

KokoroHatsaru responds:

Well is simple, i used some of the ibispaintX effects like the guasian blur, the perlin noise and ofc the rgb effect, also, before putting the filters, i used a lil darker colors so it could look like an older anime show:)

Your rendering is amazing! I personally can only pull of a hard cel-shaded look in my 2D stuff, I really wish that I could do rendering like you. Do you have any tips or resources you could recommend?

carbynation responds:

thank you so much !! i use clip studio paint for my art now, i took a lot of inspiration from splatbones on twitter in regards to their painting style (they've got a youtube channel where they uploaded speedpaints, the channel name is mild sandpaper) so process wise it was pretty similar!
for brushes, i like to use the following: flashito, fresh salmon, waterpen, sunday, softcore, & just a regular G-pen made really small to do details in

This looks awesome!! Can I ask how you achieved the lens distortion and canvas texture effects?

KiesAtelier responds:

Thank you so much!! I use procreate, procreate has built-in features, but you can get the same chromatic aberration effect by creating different layers of your painting and change the opacity and color and shift them slightly. For the canvas texture, I just found a canvas on google and used it for the background, then I layered my painting until I got the texture I wanted.

Your style just looks so good! What program do you use?

Kristallion responds:

Thank you. I use Photoshop.

I'm a chill self-taught 2D/3D artist, animator, and character designer! 🏳️‍🌈

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